martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Día de Andalucía

Skin: cStar - Miss Pisces Skin Green Glitter [Elven Olive] Lrg. Cup (10 Lindens GATCHA or Lucky Board)
(Miss Pisces comes in two different versions of makeup. 1 with a bold and bright green blissed in glitter.)
The skin starts at $10L on the gatcha machine and goes up $1 a day!
Secret:  This skin has been placed on a Lucky Board for a Limited Time!  Not sure when it will be removed.  The Lucky Board is Group Only, but the Group is Free to join!

Shape: Caotica_May American Woman Shape (Marketplace)
Hair: (Milk Motion) LEILA - dark brown (old hunt)
Dress, hat and shoes: Mercadillo de Candela FLAMENCA ANDALUCIA 2012 (FREE only 28 Febr.)