miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

Nahm nahm melons ^_^

Mesh head: UTILIZATOR - M3 Mesh Anime Head 
Applier for M3 anime head: PANTSU*HUNTER helli 
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Venus 
Hair: [LCKY] Erika//nonrigged (The nonrigged version of this hair is perfect por M3 head because you can edited)
Hair bow: *BOOM* Taffy_HairBow (Watermelon) 
Swimsuit: *PD* Come Get Some  - Sale Bag (Lucky Board)
Piece of watermelon: [RI] Juicy Watermelon
Seeds on the face: +9 watermelon seeds(on mouth)
Pose:   -TSH

:::OBF::: Watermelon Cooler
+9 watermelon GOLD
+9 watermelon fruit punch
+9 watermelon carry on hand(R)
Tiki Tattoo - Watermelon Cocktail
BoBz Design Studio Creations Watermelon with plate 
+9 watermelon 1/8 slices eat!!
Watermelon fruit plate - Headhunter's Island
Bat: [PF] Watermelon Bat 

Localization: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Salt%20Water/55/64/21