domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Autumn letters

Lamp: Serenity Style- Old Retro Lamp (FREE only today atthe Monster Mash event)
Radio: Serenity Style- Vintage Radio (FREE only today atthe Monster Mash event)
Trace with autumn decoration: Serenity Style- Sense of Fall (NEW FOR Fantasy Room)
Elfs: Serenity Style- Ellete Elf  (GATCHA) (NEW FOR Fantasy Room)
Curtains: Kalopsia - Flying Curtain 
Papers: Kalopsia - Flying Paper
Hanging curtain:  Kalopsia - Hanging Drapes
Sofa: (epia) - Oxford Futon BUTTERSCOTCH [Adult]
Rug;  Zigana - rug color 
House: Scarlet Creative Cabin in the Forest Mesh Prefab